Teddy Bears to Remember Mom

When my client called, she was pretty hesitant. “I’ve asked quite a few people if they could do this project for me. I understand if you have to say no.” It sounded like she assumed I would refuse her too. I really hoped I could help. Her mom had recently passed away. She wanted to use fabric from some of her clothing to have teddy bears made for each of her siblings for Christmas. One for her if there was enough fabric.

“What a wonderful way to keep her close,” I said. “I’d love to do this for you!” We met, and she told me how she had been beyond hope before she got my name from the local quilting shop. In the selection of clothing, there were 3 fleece vests. “My mom was known for wearing these all the time, especially as she got older. Can we use them for the bottom of the teddy’s feet?”

I am happy to add this project to my repertoire that I can offer clients. It’s a nice way to hold someone you love close.

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