About Me

Hello! I’m Stephanie =)

My mom taught me to sew the summer I was 12, as her mom taught her, and so on. I’ve always been fascinated with engaging in a process where a piece of fabric is made into something new. This new thing can cover something, send a message, save a memory or make a statement. It can be worn or sat upon, too! My hands and my mind made this — which was one thing and now is another.

I was raised in Southern California. In 1997, my husband and I moved to the rural Pacific Northwest with 3 small children. We added 2 more to make it a handful =). Living in an area where seasons are more defined has shaped my life in a different way than the climate and culture of Orange County.

No matter what twists and turns life has presented, sewing has been a constant. I find myself in a new phase of life now with all of our kids officially adults. So I renew my focus to reach out and find the projects which celebrate the special times in our lives. We send a child off to college, welcome a newborn, or keep precious memories of one we knew so well. I am happy to bring your dreams to life.